This Mom’s Mixup Will Have You Laughing So Hard You’ll Cry


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’re all focusing on appreciating and showing our moms a little love. Now usually that means a hug before heading out for class or work or a few sentimental notes leading up to the big day. In this case, it can also mean appreciating the silly sides of our moms because they’re adorable and also can make you LOL your ass off.

21-year-old Lourdes Zavaleta’s mom Maria did what any mom should do before a final exam. As the University of Houston junior let her mom know that she needed to depart for her last exam, her mom wished her luck. This wasn’t exactly the usual way of saying it, though.

Yes, that’s right. Zavaleta’s mom mixed up ‘break a leg’ and ‘bust a nut’ which have very, VERY different meanings.

As any daughter does, “I knew exactly what she was trying to say,” Zavaleta told Buzzfeed. Her mother had used the phrase before to her brother and they’d both laughed… and avoided explaining what her little mixup meant. Let’s face it, that’s a very awkward mother-daughter convo.

Twitter responded in the same way.

Users not only admitted that they were cracking up, they also decided to change the usual idiom in favor of Maria’s new phrase.

One user had their own unsettling conspiracy theory.

Another Twitter user had their own relatable experience.

While one decided to use Maria’s gaff in their own future as a parent.

Looks like we’re just going to get rid of ‘break a leg.’

Maria said she is “embarrassed” at the mistake, but honestly, it’s more funny and cute than it is worth being embarrassed about. Everyone knows a mom who would do the same exact thing. We’re happy with her new contribution to modern well-wishes. Thanks Maria!

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