Fox News Sent Out An Alert That Most Men Just Want ‘A Woman Who’s Nice’ — And Twitter Lost It

It’s been difficult to sleep, work out, even go out to eat this week for fear of missing a pressing news alert. In light of the firing of FBI director James Comey, every time my phone buzzes I find myself ignoring whoever is talking to me, eyes scanning the screen hungrily for some hint of what’s to come.

Fox News app subscribers may have woken up with a jolt this morning when they received an early news alert — except that, well, the news was that “most men just want a woman who’s nice.”

Not exactly breaking news, which is the absolute least of my issues with it.

The “news” is an opinion piece by Suzanne Venker, author of The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage: How Love Works. The book, Allure notes, is essentially a how-to guide for women with strong personalities in being extra nice and demure to their husbands. Or, to editorialize, how you too can tone down your personality to please your man.

“‘Nice,’ to a man, means being soft, gentle and kind,” Venker writes. “It means asking your husband how his day was and really listening. It means doing something nice for him with no expectation of getting something in return.”

Yikes. “Nice,” “soft,” and “gentle” can easily become euphemisms for “pushover,” “conflict-adverse,” and “meek,” but that’s another article. For now, I’ll let the Twitterverse do my talking for me — as usual, it has a few thoughts.


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