Send Your Mom These Memes To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2017

Our mothers are no doubt one of the important figures in our lives. They know us better than anyone and have been there for all the ups and downs and just about every stage and transition. Whether we’re the mini version of our mothers or the complete opposite, we know we can always depend on them as they’re a huge part of our identities.

Seeing celebrity mothers and their kids in the limelight sometimes make us glad that we’re peasants. They’re not always able to protect the other from the ruthless internet haters or even the paparazzi. When there’s a major personal change within the family, it’s hard to keep all the details private. Unless you’re both a part of the same work industry like the Hadids or the Kardashians, it’s probably best to keep work and personal lives separate.

Whether you have a tiger mom or a momager, it can be agreed that we don’t know what we’d do or who we’d be if we didn’t have our moms by our side. Celebrate Mother’s Day by laughing and aww’ing at these memes.

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