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Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time to start working on that summer bod, no matter what kind of body that may mean for you. Maybe you’re hoping to tone up or get active this season with the help of the sunshine. Starting a fitness routine is arguably the hardest part of getting fit. Working out is an important aspect of being fit, but in order to get in the mindset of working out, you need to take care of all aspects of fitness. Jumping into a healthier lifestyle can be intimidating, making the adjustment all the more unappealing. It is unrealistic to expect that completely changing your lifestyle is something you can do overnight, the secret to motivating yourself to start working out is by making small adjustments that have big results. Making drastic changes can be overwhelming and make you less likely to stay committed.

Using a combination of some or all of these tips is sure to get you motivated to get fit.

1. Change your snacking habits.

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Modifying your eating habits is an important aspect of getting fit. By slightly changing the way you incorporate foods into your daily routine, you will be more inclined to get active. Checking the fridge and cupboards every ten minutes to see if they have magically replenished themselves is something we have all been guilty of. When trying to get into a healthier regimen, reaching for quick convenient snacks can be detrimental. To avoid letting unhealthy snacking be the death of you, set fifteen minutes aside at the beginning of each week to cut up fruits and veggies to store in the fridge. Having healthy snacks ready to go is a simple way to change a negative habit into a positive habit.

2. Follow a workout program.

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In the year of 2017, we basically have free personal trainers on our laptops and smartphones. Social media has created a whole new way of marketing yourself and thankfully, this has benefited us by bringing the world of online workout programs and challenges to our homes. Following an online program will motivate you by giving you the comfort of knowing you will not be the lost puppy at the gym. Let’s face it, the gym can be an intimidating place, not knowing what to do can be a terrifying feeling. Online workout programs give you a plan to follow with specific workouts. Online workout programs add convenience by supplying a workout that has already been made for you, all you have to do is follow it. Great free workout programs online include Tone it Up and The Jen Selter Challenge. When getting started, knowing what to do is tough, but it does not have to be.

3. Go shopping!

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The priceless feeling of buying a new outfit is a surprisingly effective motivator. So give yourself the excuse to go shopping and go crazy! Having cute workout clothes will get you excited to wear them and show them off at the gym. Quality workout clothes can be pricey, but there are many affordable options online. Lululemon has an entire section on their site dedicated to overstocked clothes for a reduced price. Fabletics, Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21 can also be great options for cute workout clothes. Don’t forget to check the sale section.

4. Make some *fire* workout playlists.

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Being excited to workout seems to be a skill in and of itself. Telling yourself to get off of your couch to intentionally exhaust your muscles is its own challenge. Having a feel-good playlist ready to go will help make the gym seem more enjoyable. If you are not good at creating your own, Apple Music is a great way to get access to pre-made playlists. There is an entire category of workout playlists which offers you specific genres of music to workout to. Other great playlist generators are 8tracks and Spotify. Your playlist does not have to be strictly music. Cardio is often the most dreaded part of the gym experience and sometimes music is just not enough to change that. Incorporating some form of media into your workout is essential, but that can be a Netflix show or a playlist of YouTube videos as well, anything to help you have a more positive attitude towards working out and make the time pass is key.

5. Take the water challenge.

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Similar to nutrition, drinking water is an important component to being motivated to be fit. Drinking water will not only make you feel better physically, mentally it will make you feel better about yourself and help motivate you to exercise. An easy way to make sure you are drinking an adequate amount of H2O is to challenge yourself to have a small glass of water every time you go to do something. For example, once you get out of bed and go to make breakfast, have a glass of water. Before going to work, have a glass of water. Setting small goals is the key to making big changes. Having a glass of water before doing each of your daily activities is an easily introducible habit which can contribute to big changes.

6. Find a reliable fitness buddy.

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By having a reliable friend to workout with you, you are not just making the commitment to yourself but you are committing to a plan with someone else. When the element of not wanting to let someone else down kicks in, it becomes much easier to find motivation. Coordinating schedules with a friend can be tough, but if you can manage to go to the gym together at least once a week, you will feel more motivated to workout whether you are together or not, because you know you are in this fitness journey together.

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