Floating Fortress Makes Living ‘Off-The-Grid’ Sound Like Heaven

What do you think of when you hear someone lives “off-the-grid”? Probably a cabin hidden away in the woods or living off the land beside a river. Well, you’re not wrong, but married artists Wayne Adams, 69, and Catherine King, 61, aren’t just living off the land. In fact, they’re living on the water.

Their floating fortress in Vancouver, Canada, aptly named Freedom Cove, is a multi-faceted residence that floats on water. It took the couple over 25 years to construct their home complete with gardens, workshops and more. They do not own phone services and admit that they rarely make trips to land. Despite preferring¬†life in Freedom Cove over the bustling city, they’ve attracted many land-lovers to their midst.


Wayne and Catherine enjoy living off-the-grid, but they don’t deny the hard work it takes to maintain their colorful fortress. Catherine reports that their home is tied to shore instead of being anchored down. Wayne also reveals that he’s built everything without the use of power tools, a remarkable feat when taking the size of the property and its structure into account.

When Great Big Story asked if they ever got seasick, Adams gave them a humorous response, “No, when I go out to town I get land sick!”


Since meeting through a mutual friend in their younger artist days, they’ve been inseparable. They moved in together, but when financial situations kept them from buying real estate¬†they tried their hand at building their own home.

The couple are entirely self-sufficient. Wayne tends to fish the nearby waters for food. When the weather is too windy or stormy, there’s even a fishing hole in his living room (Although DailyMail reports that he prefers not to disturb the schools of fish that made a home there). Catherine, a vegetarian, has steadily expanded her gardens. In fact, there are at least four greenhouses on the property.

Now, after 25 years of building and planning in the making, the couple has no intention of leaving Freedom Cove. They also invite visitors to come and learn about their unique way of life.

In an article by the Huffington Post, Catherine says, “This whole home is for the kids in our family to come and see what you can’t learn in school anymore. When I was young, this is what you learned in school: skills. To share this with the community and young minds, that is the teaching here on the west coast.”

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