Alert: Netflix Is Testing Weekend Surge Prices

Netflix is currently testing weekend surge pricing on Australian customers to see if people would be willing to pay up to 20% more for the services they’ve already been receiving, because people are terrible. That’s right, Netflix wants you to give them more money on the days you’re more likely to have the free time to binge and you won’t be getting any extra bang for your buck.

“We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time. In this case, we are testing slightly different price points to better understand how consumers value Netflix,” the company told Mashable in an email, “Not everyone will see this test and we may not ever offer it generally.”


The company is hesitant to call it “surge-pricing,” but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then honey, it’s probably a duck. During the “test” prices for basic Netflix services jumped from $8.99 to $9.99. Ok, so a $1 increase isn’t the worst thing ever, but that’s also not all. Standard service went from $11.99 to $13.99, and the premium service went from $14.99 to $17.99 a month! I mean come on. While these price increases may seem minuscule on paper, they WILL add up in the long run. Netflix told TechRadar that the people who were part of the test “get the normal price at the end of the test.” Right, but when exactly does the testing period end?

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While I’m not advocating for you to continue using your ex’s account, maybe hold onto that password just in case. Or maybe get creative and start a communal account with your closest friends and split the cost? If they’re really your friends then they totally won’t judge your watch history.

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