Millionaire Believes Millennials Can’t Afford Homes Because We Eat Too Much Avocado Toast

If you had told me when I was younger that one day a wealthy Australian man would warn me that all of my financial difficulties were due to my love of avocado toast, I would have laughed in your face and probably assumed you were very drunk. Well, I owe you an apology then, for today is that day. Tim Gurner, an Australian millionaire, has literally blamed the struggling of millennials on avocado toast… yeah.

“When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each,” Gurner said in an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes, “We’re at a point now where the expectations of younger people are very, very high. They want to eat out every day, they want travel to Europe every year. The people that own homes today worked very, very hard for it [and] saved every dollar, did everything they could to get up the property investment ladder.”

Rejoice friends, the mystery has finally been solved! We can now say definitively that the reason our generation is struggling so much is not because of an economic recession linked to a housing bubble, nor is it due to stagnant wages or the increased costs of living or student debt that we’ll probably never pay off. Nope. The real thing that’s holding us all back is our love of avocado toast, and with the price of avocado increasing, we’re basically screwed. (Woe is us, what ever shall we do?)

Seriously though, is this guy for real? He even had to go and bring the Kardashians into the mix.

“This generation is watching the Kardashians and thinking that’s normal — thinking owning a Bentley is normal,” he said.

Um, of course we know owning a Bentley isn’t the norm! If everybody was rocking up like a Kardashian/Jenner then we wouldn’t feel compelled to watch them on TV, they’d be just like everybody else.

Naturally, once the internet caught wind of Mr. Gurner’s expert opinion the floodgates opened and the sass flowed freely.

Seriously, when you have some free time just go through the Twitter threads, some of the things people say are hilarious! Almost hilarious enough to distract you from the fact that the older generations are literally more likely to blame the terrible state of millennials’ financial situation on an avocado than accept the fact that MAYBE they had something to do with it.

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