The 14 Most Legendary Cannes Film Festival Looks

The Cannes Film Festival is a huge deal for fashion. While the purpose is to highlight the films of the year, we’ll be fawning over the red carpet looks. Celebrities across the globe will be meeting in Cannes, France, for a night of couture fashion and film competition.

What makes the event so special is that it spotlights international films from across the world, from the United States, Argentina, Portugal and more. Though there’s the main competition, there’ll also be a competition dedicated to short films and a section for student filmmakers. Competing American producers and actors are Jessica Chastain, Will Smith, Travis Matthews, Thom Powers, Barry Jenkins and Uma Thurman.

Right on the heels of the Met Gala, check out the gallery for all the best looks over the years. Unlike the Met Gala, the Cannes Film Festival may not be exclusively dedicated to fashion, but there will no doubt not be a shortage of iconic looks as the event will span across a week. While some celebrities are seasoned Cannes Film Festival attendees, like Aishwarya Rai, who has attended for the past decade, there are still some faces we’ve yet to see. It’ll be interesting to see who steals the show and who won’t follow red carpet style etiquette. Tune in from May 17-28 for the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

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