Transgender Student Posts Touching Before & After Photos From Prom To Give Others Hope

You usually only get to go to prom for a maximum of two times. In Schuyler Bailar’s case, he went three times, the last after his transition. Schuyler wore dresses his first two times and was finally able to wear a tux for his third dance, documenting the change on his Instagram. After three years, not only does he look different, but he also feels more authentically himself.

He captioned his photo, “Change is possible. Happiness is possible. Authenticity is possible. But all of these things take time and effort and perseverance and self love. Still, they are ever possible; so, never forget this, my friends. Never give up on yourselves.
Also, recognize that this picture is a total simplification of my journey. I did not wake up one day and just become a man, nor was I ever truly a woman. I have always been me — whether dressed in a gown or a tie. Between and before these pictures are hundreds of days of incredibly important discovery and pain and growth that I will never ignore.”

Schuyler is a part of Harvard’s competitive swim team and continues documenting his journey on Instagram. He’s overcome a lot over the years, from an eating disorder to realizing he wanted to transition. Originally recruited for the women’s swim team Harvard, Schuyler worried about how his transition would affect his swim career. Though there was a risk, he’s now proudly part of the men’s team and made history as the first openly transgender swimmer in the NCAA Division I.

It’s great to see journeys of success like this, and hopefully it inspires anyone else to know that it’s never too early or too late to begin change if it means you can start living fully.

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