Desigual’s New Swim Campaign Features Unretouched Photos Of This Model & We’re In Love

Photoshop is a wonderful skill to have, but it’s about time we start seeing unaltered photos in the fashion industry. In fact, there are a number of brands calling for unretouched photos and their numbers are steadily growing.

Desigual is the latest brand to join the cause and has teamed up with body-positive activist and model Charli Howard in their newest summer campaign. It features wonderfully bright colors and cute outfits that I wish I could afford. But the best part? There’s not an ounce of retouching done on the pictures.

Howard recently shared some images from the campaign on Desigual’s Instagram, including a wide range of swimsuit shots and lounging on pool floaties. The photos are gorgeous, but the model is even more so. This campaign strives to change beauty norms in hopes that women can embrace their flaws and insecurities. Howard is especially keen on telling us how beautiful we are.

“We all have insecurities and little faults, but that’s exactly what makes us unique and special.” she captioned one of her photos.

Howard wanted to stress the importance of using unretouched photos in a fashion campaign. Perfection in the fashion industry has shifted into an unhealthy obsession. Women are expected to maintain unhealthy diets and are shamed for any flaw. This campaign shoot was one of Howard’s approach to changing the industry standard of beauty.

“Beauty doesn’t only come in size zero. Diversity is the key to changing that,” Howard captioned another photo, this time with her back turned and her unretouched derriere to the camera.

The freckles on your face? Adorable. The stretch marks on your thighs? Girl, you are perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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