‘Raven’s Home’ Has Revealed Its Newest Cast Member & He’s A Major Throwback

If you’ve stayed in the loop, then you know that That’s So Raven is returning to Disney in the form of their latest spinoff series, Raven’s Home. If you’re not familiar with what the sequel entails, here’s a little bit of a refresher: Raven Baxter and her best friend Chelsea Daniels, both divorced mothers, are now raising their children together. But here’s the kicker… One of Raven’s children inherited her psychic abilities.

For a while, Disney was very secretive about the most important details. We knew that Raven had twins, Booker and Nia, and that she’s a single mother. But it takes two to make a baby, and I swore that if Disney pulled a How I Met Your Mother I would go on a rampage. Seriously, who goes nine seasons shipping Ted and Robin only for him to marry someone else in the end?

Luckily, Disney Channel finally announced who would play Raven’s ex-husband and the father to her twins. Even better, he’s a very familiar face.


Surprise! It’s Jonathan McDaniel, aka Devon Carter. Still doesn’t ring a bell? What if I told you he was Raven’s high school crush from the original series? Yes, folks. The ship has sailed.

Now hold that small happiness in your heart for five seconds. I’ll wait… Did you realize it yet? He’s Raven’s EX-husband. They married each other and even had two beautiful kids together only to divorce for untold reasons. Instead of raising their twins together, Raven is sharing a home with her best friend Chelsea. How did this power couple ever split? Disney is keeping its mouth shut on the subject and it’s driving us all crazy.

Even if they’re not together anymore, I’m sure they’ll have a ton of awkward and hilarious interactions with each other. Cancel your plans for the summer, everyone. The series is scheduled to premiere on Disney Channel on July 21, 2017. This is going to be a crazy ride.

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