DC Bar Suffers Backlash For Date Rape-Themed ‘Pill Cosby’ Drink

I love cocktails almost as much as I love puns. Ask any of my friends. They’re fun and help set the mood of a bar. A Bahama Mama really gives off a tropical feel and the Old-Fashioned suggests a classier vibe. Bartenders are both chemists and magicians as they mix alcoholic concoctions behind the counter. But there’s a line that has to be drawn between what is appropriate and what is disgusting. A pop-up bar completely drove past that boundary and is now paying a hefty price for it.

The aforementioned bar, named Diet Starts Monday, started serving their newest cocktail: a tequila-based drink with a beautiful ruby color. I love tequila. Who doesn’t? But it isn’t the alcohol of the drink that was so controversial. The cocktail was garnished with empty red and white pills and aptly named the Pill Cosby.

Needless to say, the bar received immediate social media backlash.

The bar owners claimed that the drink was meant to raise awareness about sexual assault, but none of us were sold on the idea. Several Twitter and Yelp users sent scathing reviews and comments about Diet Starts Monday, and some even tried running the bar out of business.

Miranda W. wrote on the bar’s yelp page:


Don’t get raped, don’t be mocked, don’t support rape culture, AND DON’T GO HERE. Apparently these “men” (if you can call them that) that made this drink slept in the day of the Million Women’s March.

Looking forward to you going out of business.

In response to the heavy backlash, the bar released a formal apology on their Twitter page. They claim that it was never meant to be a permanent menu item and will “take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended.” Whoever was in charge of approving the drink in the first place might want to find a new career choice. Try anything else except PR.

Bill Cosby was charged with the alleged drugging and rape of Andrea Constand in 2004. The jury selection for his trial began Monday. In his most recent interview, Cosby said that racism “could be” to blame for the sexual assault lawsuits against him. Andrea Constand wasn’t his only victim. Despite claiming otherwise, at least 60 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault and harassment, according to the Washington Post.

Cosby maintains his claim of innocence despite a number of allegations against him. In fact, according to The Blaze, his lawyers say that “he is looking forward to beginning the trial.”

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