All Of The Best Tweets About Rachel Lindsay’s ‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere

Monday night’s The Bachelorette premiere stood out from previous seasons. It was impossible not to marvel at the diverse cast, the impossibly charming and witty bachelorette (she is far too good for this show), and the heartbreaking backstory of Josiah that actually made me choke back a sob with wine while watching what is known to be the fluffiest reality show on air.

Of course, with eloquent attorney Rachel Lindsay cast as the show’s lead, ABC had to step it up with their contestants, and (regardless of the highly concerning bios) for the most part they succeeded. Of course, there was still ample toxic masculinity, and there has to be a #villain — and the network found one in Wha-boom (his personal brand?? His catch-phrase?? His business?? It’s unclear.)

Read our selection of the best tweets from Monday’s premiere about Wha-boom, that unnerving doll, and of course *inhales sharply* the tickle monster.

There was much to be said about Wha-boom.

Some mused about the competitors’ future career paths.

There was ample adoration for Rachel.

…and no adoration for Lee.

People could not get over that creepy doll.

Or one man’s “profession.”

And while people largely supported Bryan, they were a little torn on that kiss.

All the wine and roses in the world won’t prepare us for this season.