Tangerine Hair Is This Summer’s Hot, New Trend












Summer is arguably one of the best times to experiment with your hair. Shorter styles are not only super cute, but practical in the warmer weather. It’s not uncommon for highlights to be incorporated into one’s summer style as well, but for those of you looking to get a little bolder, there’s a colorful new hair trend taking over Instagram this season.


Tangerine hair is the perfect statement shade for the warm weather, and is guaranteed to turn some heads. This bold look incorporates a borderline neon-orange shade which mixes perfectly with blonde and red tones. It can also vary in intensity, for those of you worrying that this style may be a little too much. Lady Gaga is rocking a more subdued, toned down version, and let’s not forget that David Bowie used to rock this color before it was cool.


Not feeling a full head of neon? Or maybe you’d prefer to dip your toes into the style pool before diving in. Fear not. You can try adding tangerine accents for an edgy look without having to fully commit to the color. This is also a solid option for those of you not too keen on bleaching your whole head for a color you’re unsure of.


This also isn’t just a look for the ladies, guys are getting in on the trend too! This shade is bold without being too much to handle, making it perfect for anyone who wants to try something new for summer.

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