This BTS Footage Of Dan Stevens Filming ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Is Priceless

If you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast yet, I don’t know what’s holding you back. This precious film has brought tears to audiences’ eyes as they hum along to the film’s beautiful, original songs. You can’t help but be mesmerized by the film’s amazing work in creating the perfect images and settings to really get the Disney feel.

The movie also stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, two phenomenal actors who nailed their roles to a T. We couldn’t have asked for better performances in Beauty and the Beast.

We all know that special effects are what made the movie as amazing as it is and Stevens wasn’t really dressed as a furry, seven-foot vicious beast. In fact, he was actually dressed nothing like a high-class monster. Thus, the filmmakers of the movie gave fans a peek of the behind the scenes footage and we couldn’t be any more grateful for their kind gesture.

Since Stevens played the Beast, this is how he was dressed throughout most of the film, as a CGI creation of the Beast. I’ll hand it to him, he did an amazing job staying in character and dealing with computer effects to create the Beast.

Even though this is how most filmmaking is, just leave it to Twitter to find the entire process both astonishing and hilarious.

Honestly, I give props to both Watson and Stevens for playing it cool while Stevens was dressed like that. If I were Emma Watson, I wouldn’t be able to help but burst into laughter during any romantic scene. I wouldn’t be able to find anything romantic while staring at Dan Stevens with black dots all over his face.

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