These National Wine Day Memes Will Leave You Wanting A Bottle (Or 2) Of Pinot

We all have that one friend that will use any excuse to crack open a bottle of vino and if you don’t have that friend, then you probably are that friend. The day has finally come to celebrate the beautiful creation that is wine, so let’s get in the spirit for National Wine Day.

Wine has been there for us through thick and thin and therefore it is only fair that we dedicate an entire day to it. We have all been in a situation at one time or another where we felt down and wine was there to lift us up. It would be simply unacceptable if this went unnoticed. Wine is there for us when no one else is and that is truly worth celebrating.

Perhaps many of you were unaware of the occasion and perhaps others are tired and have trouble committing to drinking during the work week. This is where memes come in. We’ve found the perfect GIFs and memes to lift your spirits and get you in the mood for drinking some wine.

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