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Twitter Has Fallen In Love With A Guy Who Accidentally Bought His Girlfriend Lettuce


“What do I get my girlfriend?”

It’s a question that has haunted anyone who has ever been in a relationship. It’s a tough one, let’s admit it. There’s no guarantee that she’ll love the jewelry you pick out, and if you buy her clothes, they might not even fit. Dinner? Dinner sounds good. At least until you remember you had to pay rent and the phone bill last week. What else can you get?

Flowers? Flowers sound good. Actually, flowers are perfect. Unfortunately, one Texas couple soon found out that not all bouquets are created equally.

Jailyn Hernandez

Say hello to Jailyn Hernandez, 19, and Jamarcus Cuillory, 20. It started off innocently enough. Couple gets into a small fight and the boyfriend brings back a peace offering. Jailyn told Buzzfeed news that Jamarcus surprised her with a purple bouquet on Monday.

“I was mad at him,” she said. “It’s the only reason why he brought them.”

This is what his gift looked like.

Jailyn Hernandez

“She was like ‘this is lettuce,'” Jamarcus told Buzzfeed News. “I was like ‘damn I’m embarrassed.'”

Technically it’s purple kale and not lettuce, but that’s beyond the point.

Jailyn’s boyfriend currently works in a produce warehouse, which is where he found the ‘flowers’ in an unlabeled box. I suppose I could cut him some slack if the warehouse was a little dim, but I’m still a little skeptical. Oh well. Jamarcus must have gotten his fair share of embarrassment already, so I’ll try not to add to the pile.

“I was like ‘this is pretty cool.’ I thought she was going to love it man, and she just started laughing.”

Don’t worry, Jamarcus. It’s the thought that counts. At least she’s not mad at you anymore, right? I’d be laughing too hard myself to stay mad if I was in her shoes. This guy just pulled off that scene from No Strings Attached without even knowing.

Despite the mix-up, even Jailyn’s mother, Patricia Cruz, loved his effort. Patricia called Jamarcus “a good guy” while recounting the hilarious discovery.

You can’t have something funny happen without Twitter jumping on the bandwagon. After Jailyn shared her experience on her Twitter page, users quickly commented on how pure and adorable her boyfriend was.

Her post quickly went viral and even gained the attention of multiple news platforms like ABC13 Houston and NBC. Jailyn was especially surprised at the media storm surrounding her unexpected gift.

“I mean we thought it was funny, but I didn’t know it was this funny,” she admitted to Buzzfeed. In any case, Jamarcus learned his lesson to look closely at his gifts before bringing them to his girlfriend.

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