Every Possible Thing You Need To Know About The iPhone 8

It’s been about eight months since the iPhone 7 was released. In the constantly changing tech world, it basically feels like forever ago. During that time, the only confirmed new development about the iPhone is that Apple will be releasing cherry red versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in order to support a great cause: HIV/ AIDS research and programs. However, there’s been a constant flurry of speculation about the iPhone 8, and what new features it could potentially have. Here are all the rumors you should know about the newest iPhone, aka the thing that doesn’t leave your hand.


1. It could be made entirely out of glass.

You’re already considered a daredevil if you carry around an iPhone with no case. One little slip and you could be looking at a smashed screen. The current iPhone is made of glass and aluminum, so a complete composition of glass may be cutting edge, but also a little risky.

2. There may not be a home button.

If it were to be made of all glass, a home button wouldn’t be feasible. In its place would be a function area, similar to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

3. Your phone could recognize you by your face.

An upgrade from the passcode and touch ID, your iPhone would be a lot harder to hack into.

4. There may be three size options.

The phone could come in three sizes for you to choose from. There would either be 4.7, 5.5, or 5 inches.

5. The screen would be a lot bigger than the iPhone 7.

It might just rival the size of a mini iPad or a MacBook. But really, if the aluminum rear is out, that leaves more room for more screen.

6. It might hurt your wallet.

While the red iPhone costs about $750, the iPhone 8 could cost you $1000. Yikes.

7. It could track your whereabouts.

Made to increase functionality, the new app integration Workflow is set to accompany the iOS 11 and will analyze the type and frequency of all your phone activity. It could increase your productivity so you won’t have to keep on spending time setting alarms or opening apps.

8. There could be a Smart Connector.

Virtual reality is the next big thing in the tech industry and Apple could be catching on. The alleged port would be compatible with VR and augmented reality headsets.

9. The cameras could have an entirely new orientation.

The rear-facing cameras are normally horizontal but could now be oriented vertically. There also may be space for the touch ID on the back of the iPhone.