Bar Sign Reminds Customers That Female Bartenders Aren’t Flirting With Them

If there’s anyone more misunderstood than the average waitress, it’s the female bartender. Not only are we in charge of serving drinks on the fly, we’re expected to deal with impatient bar patrons with a smile on our faces. Combine that with drunk customers that think it’s okay to touch us just because we listened to your life story? It’s no wonder female customers get such bad rep.

Don’t even get me started on the whole, “You shouldn’t be out by yourself at 3:00 A.M.” and “what’s a pretty girl like you working at a bar?” Newsflash: not all women who work behind the bar are desperate or looking for hookups. In my experience, female bartenders have to work a lot harder at their jobs to be taken seriously. When we succeed, we’re treated as “decorations” to draw customers in. Because of this, bar patrons tend to misinterpret our customer service as flirting.

Beer Cellar, a UK bar in Exeter, is setting the record straight with a sign that went viral on Twitter. According to their Twitter page, credit to this beautiful piece of artwork goes to user @charlubby.

Is the bartender asking about your day? Does it look like they’re really engrossed in your story? Hate to break it to you, but it’s their job. Like servers, bartenders live off of their tips. If smiling about your boring workplace problems gets us that $20 tip, then you can bet that we’ll laugh at all your bad jokes. That being said, that’s no excuse to get handsy with your bartender, regardless of gender. Don’t try to keep our attention and, for god’s sake, don’t try to kiss or hold our hands. We need them to make drinks for all the other customers at the bar.

As with all things that go viral, the post was met with critics who didn’t think the matter was serious. Some went so far as to blame the women for putting themselves in that situation.

Excuse me while I mourn my faith in humanity for a moment.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets sexually harassed. Unfortunately, it’s become a stereotypical norm for women to be hollered at or groped on the job. When we speak up, we get blamed for giving the wrong signals or flirting for a good tip.

Are we happy doing it? No. But you can’t tell me that you don’t fake a happy-go-lucky personality when you’re at work. If you’ve never kissed up at your job or faked something on your resume, I’ll personally buy you a round of drinks.

Despite the firestorm from some very misinformed people, the person in charge of Beer Cellar’s Twitter account is smooth with their comebacks:

Beer Cellar isn’t entirely opposed to customer critiques. Even those in the UK believe in freedom of speech. When one Twitter user mentioned that the word “cretin” was ableist, Beer Cellar reached out to the original sign artist and requested a new version. It still as beautiful as ever.

If I’m ever in the area, I’ll be sure to drop by for a pint or two.

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