A ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ Makeup Palette Is Here To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Calling all dessert devotees, Storybook Cosmetics is here to quench your cravings. The makeup brand first went viral when they launched the Wizardry and Witchcraft eyeshadow palette in January and are now launching another book-inspired palette. Published by Roald Dahl in 1964, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most beloved children’s books of all time. The palette will be shaped like the book itself and if the previous Wizardry product was any indication, the makeup brushes and tools will no doubt be themed, too.


Not too much information has been released yet, but there’s confirmation that you’ll be able to coat your eyelids in this shimmery gold, inspired by the glowing Golden Ticket.


These shimmery shades may also be in the collection.


We also hope there’ll be homage paid to the Oompa Loompas.


Once the product is for sale and in our hands, we’ll probably look exactly like Charlie. Until then, we’ll rely¬†on imagination.

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