Rachel Totally Owned DeMario On Last Night’s ‘Bachelorette’ & The Memes Are GOLD











Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was one of the most shocking of all time.

The mysterious ex girlfriend from the season’s trailer appeared at a basketball game (featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabar) and exposed who exactly was attempting to scam Rachel and gain some fame.

It turned out that the fraud was Mr. Smooth himself, the ultra-confident DeMario. His ex, Lexi, came to the basketball game prepared with receipts and ready to expose him. She sat Rachel down and presented the evidence. As a lawyer, Rachel knew the scenario very well. She grabbed DeMario, led him into the gym and he was completely shocked at seeing his ex.

He attempted to lie, feigning ignorance before nonsensically making excuses and looking like a major dbag.

Rachel, the lawyer that she is, saw right through him and delivered one of the most YAAAAAS-worthy moments of Bachelorette history.

“I’m gonna need you to get the f**k out,” Lindsay told him. And get the f**k out he did, at least for a little while. The episode ended with DeMario attempting to make a comeback at the rose ceremony and we were faced with a “to be continued.”

Now, first things first. Rachel Lindsay has been absolutely transparent about who she is since she was on Nick’s season. She’s not here to be taken advantage of and won’t tolerate anything less than genuine love. *Plays “No Frauds” by Nicki Minaj loudly.*

Twitter exploded with joy after Lindsay’s complete takedown of DeMario. It was composed but firm. It felt like a real, vulnerable and strong moment from the otherwise unshakeable star.

Social media applauded her… And booed DeMario.




Bye DeMario. We won’t be missing you. Nobody messes with our girl Rachel.

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