Alamo Drafthouse Theater Hosting MORE Female-Only Screenings Of ‘Wonder Woman’

Wonder Woman is one of the most highly-anticipated superhero films to ever hit the big screen. As much as the movie expresses a strong female leading role and overtly advocates for feminism, men are also eager to see the film. However, for those men who live in Austin, Texas and watch movies at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater, we’ve got some bad news for you guys.

The Alamo Drafthouse recently announced that the screening for Wonder Woman will only be available for women to embrace “its girl power.” And they aren’t joking around — they truly mean just women.

“Everyone working at this screening — venue staff, projectionist, and culinary team — will be female,” the theater announced on its website.

Most people find the idea to be brilliant for a film that revolves around femininity, yet there are some people (mainly men, of course) who think it’s totally unfair. Those male diehard Wonder Woman fans believe the whole thing is absurd and unfair — mentioning how there was never an “all-male” screening for any movie.

Aside from the hate, women are ecstatic at the idea and couldn’t think of a better way to express feminism than viewing Wonder Woman in an audience of only women.

The theater responded to the love by increasing its women-only viewings instead of backing down.

For those who disagree with this amazing idea, there are other movies hitting theaters in Austin. But for now, let the women have their own wonderful night.

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