Here’s the Rumored Cast for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ – Straight from Reality Steve

bachelor in paradise season 3 episode 9


Bachelor in Paradise, AKA your greatest reality TV guilty pleasure, will be hitting your screen again this summer. But which of the rejects from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will get their plane ticket to Mexico.

Since BIP is set to start filming this weekend, the king of spoilers himself has the low-down. According to Reality Steve, some of the fan favorites from previous seasons are back and looking for love.

So who made the cut? Here’s the cast list from Steve.

Bachelor in Paradise 2017 Cast


  • Corinne Olympios (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Astrid Loch (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Alexis Waters (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Whitney Fransway (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Kristina Schulman (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Danielle Lombard (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Raven Gates (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Christen Whitney (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Jasmine Goode (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Taylor Nolan (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Danielle Maltby (Nick Viall’s season)
  • Amanda Stanton (Ben Higgins’ season)


  • Robby Hayes (JoJo Fletcher’s season)
  • Ben Zorn (Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season)
  • Alex Woytkiw (JoJo Fletcher’s season)
  • Jack Stone (Rachel Lindsay’s season)
  • Brady Ervin (Rachel Lindsay’s season)
  • Matt Munson (Rachel Lindsay’s season)
  • DeMario Jackson (Rachel Lindsay’s season)
  • Alex Bordyukov (Rachel Lindsay’s season)
  • Dean Unglert (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Remember that BIhas a different format than the regular show, so contestants come and go throughout the season. That means that even if your TV crush isn’t on this list doesn’t mean they won’t make an appearance!

Also, Reality Steve points out that five of the girls are rumored to have boyfriends…who are actually allowing them to go on BIP to further their fame. Those ladies are Astrid, Alexis, Corinne, Kristina, and Whitney.

Only time will tell…

See you in Paradise!

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