Everything You Need To Know About ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2






It’s definitely happening. There will be a second season of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix‘s most talked-about show in years.

Although the show left off with a few cliffhangers, it also ended with the death of the series protagonist, Hannah Baker, as she finished explaining through the tapes why she committed suicide, the whole reason the show was created in the first place. But with the show’s monumental success, there was no doubt that a second season would be in the works.

Showrunner Brian Yorkey isn’t planning on advancing the storyline much past that of the first season, but instead wants to advance the version of events from other high school students featured on Hannah Baker’s suicide tapes.

“Hannah told her version of events, but there are at least twelve kids who have another version of those events that we actually haven’t really heard from yet,” explained Yorkey.

Netflix revealed last month that although Hannah Baker will still be involved in the storyline of season two, executive producer Tom McCarthy hinted that there will be multiple narrators this season. Fans of the show have already begun to pitch theories about who the focus will be on next. Could it be Alex’s survival story from his suicide attempt? Or Jessica opening up about her case against Bryce? Or maybe Tyler explaining what’s up with all the creepy photographs and guns?

But now that it’s been revealed that there will be multiple narrators, viewers will most likely hear from all of those characters in some respect. So it seems as if viewers will be getting more details about the other “reasons why” and see how these other characters are coping with losing a peer to suicide.

Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker, said that it would be interesting to hear from some more side characters such as Skye, with whom Chase bonded in the last season. Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay, believes the fans have heard enough from his character and doesn’t feel it’s necessary for him to get the narrating job in season two.


In a recent interview, Minnette revealed that the next season will take place a few months after the events of season one.

When Minnette was asked about where he thought his character might be headed, he responded, “Naturally, I’d love to see Clay escape his demons from season one. I’d like to see him in a healthier place. The show takes place a few months after season one. I’m curious to know how Clay has coped the last few months. Did he find closure? Is he moving on? Part of me wonders if he’ll be able to escape his anxiety, but I doubt it because that would make for compelling storytelling if he still has anxiety.”

Since the show takes place in the future, it seems as if Hannah Baker won’t be around too much for the new season unless there are more flashbacks.

And there won’t be any more tapes. Minnette seems pretty happy about that fact. He said, “I don’t have to wear headphones anymore! I don’t have to listen to a walkman anymore!”

When discussing the young adult series and the new season, there has also been a lot of questions about whether the series will be more censored given the very divided conversation some graphic scenes sparked when the show officially launched.

Many viewers praised the series for bringing awareness to teenage suicide and events that could possibly influence the tragedy, such as rape or seemingly unsupportive members of that person’s life. Others argued that the show’s graphic depiction of these events that lead to Hannah Baker’s death glorify suicide and doesn’t illustrate any alternative options.

Netflix responded by adding “trigger warnings” to the series and those involved in the show were surprised by the negative commentary, even believing that some of the criticisms weren’t completely valid.

“I’m proud of how we showed things,” Langford said. “It was done thoughtfully.”

McCarthy brushed off any talk about adding more censorship to the second season. “Censored? No,” he said. “Season two should be authentic to season two.”

He also defended the series take on such dark subjects and it was part of the reason he was drawn to the project. “As artists, out job is to present and other people can have opinions about it and react. That’s our job. I’m very proud of the show,” he said. “As a dad of two daughters, I listen and take it very seriously. That’s why I did the show. I didn’t have to do a TV show right now. I saw the material and said, ‘Oh year, nobody is talking about this.'”

Minnette added, “They aren’t going to sugarcoat anything. We haven’t done it from day one and I don’t think we’re ever going to do it. I’m suer it’s going to be just as important and dark as last season.”

There’s no word about when season two of Thirteen Reasons Why will be premiering, but stay tuned!

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