Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Are Getting Serious






Things are definitely heating up for Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

New photos circulating the web show the singer and the British actor enjoying their morning coffee and orange juice on a balcony in Nashville, Tennessee, where Alwyn will be meeting Swift’s parents after flying in on a private jet.

The photos surfaced after E! News reported that Swift and Alwyn were officially “exclusive.” The couple has been spending time over the past few months in England, New York City and Nashville. Although the pair is new to the general public, Swift’s squad members Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid have allegedly already spent time getting to know Alwyn.

Swift and Alwyn were first spotted together in public boarding a private jet in London on June 1. Reports revealed that Swift had rented a home in North London in order to see Alwyn, who lives at home with his parents, and had been wearing disguises so as not to draw attention. It has also been reported that Alwyn is moving to the United States in order to be closer to Swift and because he is hoping that his new presence in America will lead to more film roles.

A source stated that Swift and Alwyn are the real deal and after what happened with previous boyfriends, the pair was determined to keep their relationship quiet. Swift’s security has made it a military-style mission to prevent her from being seen. She has allegedly been hiding away in scarves, hats, wigs and other disguises to avoid being identified by the media.

Who is Joe Alwyn anyway? If you’re anything like most of the world, you probably don’t know too much about him.

Alwyn is a 26-year-old British actor who lives at home with his psychotherapist mother and documentary-making father.

Besides the fact that he’s dating one of the most popular female musicians in the world, The Hollywood Reporter named him “Hollywood’s Next Big Thing.” His first role in film was in the Iraq War movie Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk back in 2016. He also appeared in The Sense of an Ending and The Favourite alongside Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Nicholas Hoult. Alwyn has also dabbled in modeling, even doing a photo shoot with Swift’s good friend Gigi Hadid. The shoot was for Vogue in September of 2016.

Aside from Alwyn’s good looks and talent, he has worked really hard to get to where he his today. He knows that acting is an art that takes time to study. Alwyn went to school for theater at the Royal Central School of Speech in London and Drama and City of London School.

Let’s not forget, Alwyn isn’t the first “Joe” Swift has dated. Remember Joe Jonas?

Alwyn is also not her first British boyfriend. Remember Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris and Harry Styles?


Hopefully, media coverage won’t ruin the relationship between the new couple. Maybe Swift can finally find true love. If not, at least we’ll have a new hit single on the way.

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