Khloe Kardashian Accused Of Copying Indie Designer’s Creations

Destiney Bleu, a popular indie fashion designer, recently accused Khloe Kardashian and Kardashian’s Good American denim brand of stealing her designs. The story of the events is unbelievable, though lawsuits of this kind aren’t uncommon, but who is Destiney Bleu? Who is the woman behind the brand DBLEUDAZZLED?

Bleu has been running DBLEUDAZZLED for five years now. Prior to having her own brand, she was a professional model and dancer for the NBA and the NFL.

On her website, Bleu sells tights, bodysuits, leggings, socks, swimwear, shorts, jerseys, bras and panties, most of which are bedazzled, which is where the inspo for the website’s name comes from.

The bodysuits, panties and bras cost anywhere between $100 to $155 and the socks and tights range from $50 to $75.

Bleu has created looks for Ashley Graham, Hailey Baldwin, Kate Upton and many more famous faces.

She also designed most of Beyoncรฉ’s looks for her Formation World Tour, so any of those beautiful bedazzled bodysuits you have been dying to get your hands on can be found through Bleu’s website.

The drama with Kardashian started when the Good American Instagram and Twitter accounts posted a video, in which a couple of shots featured one of her models wearing Good American jeans and a bedazzled bodysuit that closely resembled one of Bleu’s designs.

Bleu alleges that Kardashian ordered one of each in her inventory, asked for them to be custom-made and then copied the designs after never wearing them and refusing to answer her emails.

Bleu claims that she has been meeting with her lawyers and that a lawsuit against Good American is forthcoming.

At this point, it remains an allegation that Good American stole DBLEUDAZZLED designs, but we do know that Bleu’s line is filled with stunning pieces and life-changing bedazzled designs.

Good American maintains that there was no copying done on the part of the brand or Khloe Kardashian.

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