‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Kenny King Used To Be A Chippendales Dancer










Let’s face it: The cast of Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette is definitely the most diverse yet in so many ways. Obviously, there’s the positive of having men of different races and ethnicities, making it the most diverse cast ever.

But not only are there men of different ethnic backgrounds, there are also men of a lot of different job descriptions, each with their own unique life stories and passions.

One of the most endearing men of this season is Kenny King, a charming and adorable single dad who works full-time as a pro wrestler.

King revealed on last night’s episode that he wasn’t always hitting the mats. He was also pulling a Magic Mike and working as a Chippendales dancer. Luckily, Twitter came through with the receipts… And we’re pretty excited.


King told Rachel and the guys this after doing a striptease on a party bus, which does seem like perfect timing for such a revelation.

There are also HQ photos of his time as a dancer, just in case you needed to inspect further or had any other questions.

Getty/Elite Daily Getty/Elite Daily

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was FULL of drama, none of which Kenny had any involvement in. He’s proving himself to be a very relaxed and hilarious guy, and it’s clear that he’s catching Rachel’s eye.

As we say goodbye to DeMario (among others… hopefully Lee will be joining them soon!), we’re hoping Kenny is around for a long time, if anything so that he can show us a few more of his moves.


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