Cupping Facials Are The Newest Beauty Treatment

Cupping has been a really popular type of acupuncture therapy to loosen your muscles. It causes blood to flow as well as calming the nerves. It’s mainly done across the back, over the shoulders, or anywhere else on the body to ease strained muscles. But ever thought of cupping as a facial treatment?

It’s no surprise to see reality star Kim Kardashian among the first to try cupping facials. For someone who does the exotic vampire facial, she highly suggests people get into cupping facials — and it’s supposed to be life changing.

“Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine that is thought to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and relax muscles,” Sejal Shah, M.D., board-certified dermatologist in New York City, tells Allure.

Cupping has been seen being used on the body, but according to Kim’s skin expert Nurse Jamie, the famous sisters have been obsessed with this beauty treatment lately.

“The cupping facial encourages blood flow to the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation, which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles,” Nurse Jamie said in an interview with the Coveteur.

And this is how it all goes down: “Using cups of different sizes strategically placed on areas of the face, the skin gets drawn up into the cup, creating a vacuum-like effect,” Nurse Jamie said. “Almost immediately, you will feel your muscles start to relax and any facial tension melting away. You’ll also notice plumper, fuller skin right away.” And according to Christina Kim, an esthetician at Silver Mirror Facial Bar in New York, on top of the blood flowing and reduction of wrinkles, “facial cupping firms and tones facial muscles, including the chin and jawline and improves nutrient delivery and absorption,” she tells Allure.

As harsh and painful the facial treatment sounds, Kim mentions that it’s actually gentle, “Since the skin on your face is delicate, use professional or medical grade silicone cups to reduce the risk of bruising and broken capillaries. It should feel like a relaxing massage, not an intense and painful suction session.”

Most the benefits from the facial aren’t usually promising. “While this can have theoretical benefits for the skin, there haven’t been good scientific studies that suggest what those benefits are,” says Shah. “People may notice a more toned or lifted appearance but this is usually transient due to swelling caused by the treatment.”

If you’re willing to test out the crazy treatment, make sure you tell your aesthetician whether or not you bruise easily beforehand.

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