Deaf Singer, Mandy Harvey Blew Us Away With Her Performance on America’s Got Talent

Life isn’t always easy, that much is a given. However, sometimes difficulties fall a litter harder on others, which isn’t very fair, but the people who never give up and rise above those difficulties never cease to impress me. That being said, it’s no surprise that 29-year old Mandy Harvey completely blew me away with her performance the other night on America’s Got Talent.

Harvey completely lost her hearing ten years ago due to a connective tissue disorder, which basically means her nerves deteriorated. What made this especially tragic was the fact that Harvey had been singing since the age of four. You can tell by the way she talked about it that music was practically a part of her, and having it taken away was no small hit. For a while Harvey had stopped music all together, but that just didn’t sit right with her. In what can only be described as an amazing feat of sheer determination, Harvey was able to rekindle her passion with the aid of visual tuners, muscle memory, faith in her pitch and the help of her interpreter, Sara. We are so impressed, and you could tell that Simon Cowell was too, as it her story really struck a chord with him even before she started singing.

Standing barefoot on the stage so she could feel the vibrations of the music, Harvey began strumming the tune to a song she had written herself, an inspirational piece fittingly named “try.” She had written it following her hearing loss, and in my opinion it perfectly details her thoughts and feelings on her situation and her refusal to give up. Yes, I cried, and you probably will too. Her vocals were light and sweet, but not lacking in the emotional depth that truly makes this song something special. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building as Harvey received a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire audience.

“Mandy, I don’t think you’re going to need a translator for this,”  Said judge Simon Cowell as he pressed the gold button sending Harvey straight to the live shows. “I’ve done this a long time,” he said giving the now tearful contestant a hug, “I mean that was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and heard.” Right you are Simon, right you are. I personally can’t wait to see more of what Mandy Harvey has in store for us.

[Image from YouTube]

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