James Corden Net Worth 2017: How Much is James Worth Right Now?






James Corden rose from British television star and actor to the host of CBS’ The Late Late Show gaining immense popularity from his English charm, memorable cackle and his hilarious “Carpool Karaoke” sketches with Hollywood’s greatest musicians.

His late night career has only just begun in comparison to Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, but he has been doing pretty well for being the “new guy.”

James Corden Net Worth as of 2017: $12 million

But how did Corden become a young millionaire and international superstar in a short number of years?


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Corden’s career really kicked off in 2007 when he co-wrote comedy, Galvin and Stacey, with his good friend, Ruth Jones. The show embraced a family atmosphere and became a smash-hit bringing in over ten million viewers in it’s final episodes. During this three-year span, Corden appeared in some minor roles here and there in Vampire Killers, Planet 51 and BBC hit, Doctor Who. 


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Corden continued snagging minor roles in The Gruffalo’s Child, Stella and Begin Again, but the world really began to take notice after his role as Baker in Into the Woods alongside Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp and Tammy Blanchard. The musical earned $213 million world-wide working off of a $50 million budget.

Corden said, “Just to go to work everyday and sit in the middle of the woods on a soundstage that’s bigger than a football pitch and be chatting with Meryl Streep, or doing scenes with Emily, or stabbing Johnny Depp- I knew at the time (how surreal it was) and I’m really happy that I did.”


Corden admitted that his success in the United States came as a surprise to him since he began hosting The Late Late Show in 2015. Much of his success has been credited to his “Carpool Karaoke” where Corden recruited some of the biggest names in the music industry to join him in the car and sing along to radio’s top hits. His ride through London with Adele has scored over 160 million views since it’s release and he even got Stevie Wonder to make a call to his wife.

Corden’s creativity has brought the most hilariously brilliant sketches to late night television such as giving Kendall Jenner the choice to spill her family’s secrets or drink clam juice, playing dodgeball with One Direction and performing crosswalk musicals in the middle of rush hour.

As of recently, Corden can add “Man of the Year” to his resume. He was honored by Glamour U.K. with the title after being introduced by Liam Payne as the “sixth member of One Direction.”

Corden couldn’t help but through in a joke at the beginning of his acceptance speech. He said, “I’ve stood back here and watched a number of chiseled, handsome men win this award, and I feel like I’m really doing it for the big fellas to show anything is possible.”

He continued his speech by thanking Glamour for being the first publication to interview him and also thanked a long list of women who impacted his life including Ruth Jones, his mother, his sisters, his wife, Julia Carey and his daughter who he called his “favorite women in the world.” On the Man of the Year issue for Glamour U.K., Corden wears a shirt that reads, “We should all be feminists.”

The t-shirt of choice was a big deal to the general population, but Corden had a powerful message to share with the world in response to his outfit.

“The truth is, wearing that t-shirt on that magazine, it didn’t even occur to me that it would be anything that would even be considered as brave because I don’t think it should be. I long for the day when it isn’t a time where we talk about women’s rights or equality or any of those things, and it would just be a matter of fact of the world that we’re living in.”

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