Jerry Seinfeld Absolutely Shuts Down Kesha – When All She Wanted Was a Hug!

It’s hard to be Kesha right now.

On top of all that lawsuit business going on with Dr. Luke and Sony, the pop star who is still the soundtrack to your Friday nights can’t even get a hug from a past-his-prime comedian.

At the National Night Of Laughter And Song event held at the John F. Kennedy Center on Monday night, Kesha approached Jerry Seinfeld. After telling him what a big fan she was, she tried to give him a hug – and was completely shut down.

That sounds bad, but it gets worse: it was all caught on video, as Jerry was giving an interview at the time.

“I’m Kesha, I love you so much,” the singer says.

“Oh, thanks,” Jerry replies.

“Can I give you a hug?” she asks, arms wide open.

“No thanks,” the comedian says, and continues to shut her down before she gives up and walks away.

Jerry laughs, but he legitimately does not know who she is.

“That was Kesha,” reporter Tommy McFly tells him.

“Okay. Well I wish her the best,” Jerry responds, like she’s some commoner.

How can you NOT know this is the voice behind “Tik Tok”? The girl who wakes up and brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack? Whose concert will leave you finding glitter in your hair for WEEKS TO COME?

F*ck Jerry. Kesha, I will give you all the hugs.

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