Get These Awesome Beauty Products To Prep For Summer 2017

Summer is fast approaching and you want to look your best during those warmer days, especially on the beach. However, summer also means dry season so there’s a chance that you’re going to feel clammy and you don’t want that. Check out these great summer products you should get in order to avoid the cruelness of the summer sun and glow like the sunset.

1. Eve Lom Kiss Mix in Demure

Eve Lom Kiss Mix in Demure

This signature lip balm from Eve Lom has the benefit of color A moisturizing, lip plumping and protection treatment that’ll soften the lips.

2. Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow

This moisturizer contains annatto seed, grapefruit, orange and lemon peel oils that quickly hydrates and soothes the skin once applied. You can get it at CVS stores.

3. Tarte Sweet Tarte Rollerball Fragrance

This fragrance is as sweet as its namesake as it contains Madagascar vanilla that releases a tropical essence. You can get it at Tarte Cosmetics.

4. Ilia Cucumber Water Stick

Water sticks are on the rage right now and what better one to have is this Cucumber stick that you can get at Ilia. This is a cool cooling toner that’ll help prep and refresh skin for moisturizing and makeup.

5. Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil

This limited edition perform oil from Urban Decay is 100 percent concentrated, meaning that it won’t fade fast. It has a variety of fragrances in its small container including lavender, orange blossom and jasmin.

6. Dose of Colors Gold Is The New Black

Dose of Colors introduces a new highlighter that’ll make your skin glow. It’s perfect for those with olive skin, but can be used on other skin tones as well.

7. Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In-Shower Facial

If you have sensitive skin, this facial is for you. Leave it on for just one minute in the shower and you’ll come out with healthier looking and brighter skin. Get it at Aveeno and stores like Target and Walgreens.

8. Ingot Diamond Lip Tint

This lip tint that you can get here is super long lasting and leaves a metallic touch. It gives perfect contour and a fuller look to the lips, and best of all it doesn’t smudge or stick.

9. Ouai Haircare Rose Hair & Body Oil

If you’re on the go but need something fast, try this product from Ouai. It’s fast absorbing and illuminates both the hair and skin, leaving a soft and smooth texture.

10. Klorane Shampoo with Peony

Klorane’s shampoo is best for dry, itchy and irritated hair and scalp. The end result is soft, shiny hair and smelling like peonies.

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