Teens Are Still Smoking The Most Cigarettes Of Any Age Group, Study Reveals

It stands to reason that the largest group of smokers in the world would be at least middle aged; after all, smoking over a glass of whiskey at a conference table à la Mad Men and pining over James Dean seems like an era that’s been usurped by anti-smoking commercials and health warnings.

In a surprising new study, however, research found that the largest group of smokers in the world is actually still teenagers, HelloGiggles reports. In fact, even very young teens ages 13-to-15-year-olds still overwhelmingly must think smoking out their bedroom window in the middle of the night is cool, despite the now-mainstream information that smoking, you know, kills you.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at 170,000 teens in 61 countries. They found overall that nearly 15 percent of boys and 7.5 percent of girls in this young teen age bracket had smoked at least once in the past 30 days.

They also found that the majority of teens who smoke want to quit. In 40 countries, more than half of the teen surveyed expressed an interest in quitting.

Also — perhaps in the most uplifting piece of news — a country’s commitment to tobacco control does make a difference in the statistics, NPR reports. Whether that comes in the form of cigarette taxes, advertising bans, and health warnings, it makes a difference.

Just remember kids — Sandy isn’t cool here. Changing your entire aesthetic for a man is just embarrassing.


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