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Yara Shahidi Announces College Choice


Yara Shahidi aka Zoey Johnson from Black-ish is off to college.

Yara fans have been waiting with bated breath to see what school she would choose. Back in April, she spoke to Seventeen magazine about her college options.

“I did get all my college acceptances, and I’m keeping them close to the belt as of right now, but I got into every college I applied to,” she said.

And I mean how could she not with references from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Well, today Shahidi announced the school she has chosen. In the easiest, most accessible way for many people nowadays, Shahidi posted on her Instagram the answer that everyone has been waiting on.

Drum roll, please….

The answer is…


With a simple photo of Shahidi wearing a Harvard sweatshirt and a simple quote from James Baldwin. Her announcement was carefree and easy.

Shahidi will be going to the former First Lady’s alma mater and will also be attending with the former First Daughter Malia Obama.

Michelle Obama Write Yara Shahidi's College Recommendation Letter

Paul Morigi/Getty

Shahidi spoke out about Malia Obama and her taking a year to defer her studies. ” I know when Malia Obama announced [she was deferring], she got a lot of slack, but I feel like what’s interesting it I know so many people that are deferring,” said Shahidi when she spoke to People Magazine. Shahidi is now following in the footsteps of Malia Obama and the “many people that are deferring” because Shahidi will be deferring her studies for a year. This is not to hang out and rest up but to continue working.

If you haven’t heard yet, Shahidi’s got herself a spin-off for her character on Black-ish who is also off to college. The new series is interestingly enough called College-ish.

The brains and beauty that is about to be unleashed on Harvard is out of this world.

Congratulations Yara !

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