Apple iPhone New One-Handed Keyboard In iOS 11

Texting on the go is finally about to get a bit easier.

Apple introduced the new additions coming to the iOS 11 software update for the iPhone at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference on Monday. These upgrades include paying via Apple Pay through iMessage, Do Not Disturb for drivers and a more human-sounding Siri.

However, the one that’s gotten the most buzz is the one-handed keyboard, called the QuickType Keyboard.

The keyboard was originally introduced in the iOS 8 update but was not as easily accessible as it will be in the newest update coming this fall. You can use it by holding down on the emoji key on the keyboard and swipe right or left, depending on what hand you want to use. The entire keyboard shifts to your preferred side and voila!

For you multitaskers out there, or those of you with smaller hands who want to be able to type one-handed without getting finger cramps, this one’s for you.