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So What Is The Red Juice In Raw Meat Packaging?


When you go into the meat aisle of the supermarket it’s easy to think that the red liquid the meat is in is blood right? It’s bright red coming out of raw meat so it has to be blood. Fun Fact: It’s not actually blood. Tech Insider has given the real identity of the red liquid that surrounds packaged meat.

When the meat is transported from the distributor to a seller it’s kept frozen to make sure it doesn’t go bad. The water turns into ice crystals when frozen and the ice crystals puncture the muscle of the meat and mix with a protein called myoglobin. When the ice crystals thaw that mixes with the myoglobin which gives the water a blood red color. The thawed water and myoglobin solution is called “weep” or “purge”

Something that also contributes to the color is that some meats are also injected with a healthy dose of saltwater. The process is called “plumping” which makes for a juicier cut of meat.

So the next time you go to the meat aisle you can rest a little easier knowing your cut of meat isn’t actually swimming in a package of blood.

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