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LISTEN: Justin Bieber and David Guetta Drop Their Newest Single “2U”


There’s something about Justin Bieber collabs that automatically make it a hit. I hear Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” from at least five cars every time I go to work, and that’s not including how many times I listen to it on my phone. I’m still a little disappointed at his recent lyrical mishap back in May, but I hope he’s reflected since then. That blunder aside, Bieber is definitely one to watch this summer. In fact, his latest work, “2U,” features a collaboration with the famous producer David Guetta.

A teaser for the song was released earlier this week, which included a list of names on Twitter.

Fans were left wondering just what it could mean until a promotional video was released for the song. It turns out that the names on the list were all Victoria Secret models that would be featured in the music video. Instead of watching Bieber in all his glory, the models are the ones dancing and lip-syncing. I’m sure the models were digging the song as much as we are now.

Will this new single top “Despacito”? We’ll have to wait and see.

Listen to “2U” on Spotify

David Guetta’s newest song featuring Justin Bieber is available on Spotify for listeners with login information.

Listen to “2U” on iTunes

The single is also available for purchase on iTunes by Apple users.

Listen to “2U” on Google Play

Not a fan of iTunes or Spotify? You can also purchase the single on Google Play.


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