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The Internet Is Accusing Kylie Jenner Of Stealing This Indie Label’s Camo Designs


Getty Images – Frazer Harrison

Kylie Jenner launched a camouflage bikini line on Thursday (June 8), and the Internet collectively slammed the youngest Jenner for stealing the designs of the indie label Plugged NYC.

The founder and CEO of Plugged NYC, Titiza Balemlay, took to Instagram to call Jenner out with an image of Kylie’s new apparel juxtaposed with the apparel her site sells — and sold long before this new launch.

Then, a Twitter follower uploaded screenshots from Balemlay’s Instagram story (including receipts that Jenner asked for merchandise from Plugged NYC) to corroborate the story, Jezebel reports.

“money is power smh,” Balemlay posted to her Instagram account, “I started my brand with pennies funny how someone can just take a whole movement bc of how much money and power they have.” She has posted about the incident four times in the past two days.

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Balemlay’s Instagram feed has been flooded with support from followers, promising to buy merchandise from Plugged instead of the Jenners and Kardashians. Meanwhile, users are commenting in swarms on Jenner’s Instagrams to let her know exactly what they think of her supposed theft.

Jenner has yet to comment on the accusations.

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