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Twitter Is Sharing Their Worst Summer Jobs & They’re Insane


Late night host Jimmy Fallon is infamous for his musical impressions and quirky celebrity games on his show, but one of the most reliably funny bits is always his ridiculous hashtags, because Twitter comes through (#blessed.)

The latest hashtag, #MyWorstSummerJob, is particularly timely — and absurd — as it seems everyone has an anecdote. (This in itself is not surprising — my dad once sorted glass bottles from a conveyer belt a la I Love Lucy as a teen. My grandma used to take shots before her first teaching job it was so painful. My mom still cringes every time she sees a bitter customer at a restaurant.)

Fallon read a number of the best submissions on his show, but he did not read all of them — so here is a more comprehensive list, including some gems he missed.


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