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People Are Talking About Wonder Woman’s Thighs & For Once It’s Not A Bad Thing


DC Entertainment, Inc

Wonder Woman is a film that left me breathless, invigorated, and in awe all at once (read about how it made me involuntarily burst into tears during a fight scene here.) I was not the only one — as soon as the closing credits began to play, the entire theater burst into applause, and not in the please-God-stop-we-all-knew-this-airplane-was-going-to-land-you-psycho kind of way.

The dual fact that a woman directed the movie and a woman stars in it gives the film a unusual lens that is difficult to qualify — but one Tumblr user did in a post discovered by Cosmopolitan that has gone immensely viral.

“Watching a super hero movie directed by a woman is like putting glasses on for the first time,” the Tumblr user, Creative Words, Powerful Ideas, writes. She talks about the male gaze (the notion that arts and books are often written from a male perspective, consequently using women for the role of male pleasure) and how if the film were directed by a man it no doubt would have featured Baywatch-style shots of Diana running in slow motion, or overtly sexy costuming for the purpose of sexualizing women.

“There were absolutely NO eye candy shots of Diana. There were Amazons with aging skin and crows feet and not ONE of them wore armor that was a glorified corset. When Diana did the superhero landing, her thigh jiggled onscreen.

Did you hear me? HER FUCKING THIGH JIGGLED. Wonder Woman’s thigh jiggled on a 20-foot tall screen in front of everyone.”

While Diana is of course stunning, the Tumblr user makes a strong point: having a woman director allowed this film to transcend the stereotypes of female superhero films, giving us a protagonist who is strong, courageous, and unabashedly female and portraying her as powerful over hot, complex over one-dimensional.

“She wasn’t there to be sexy and alluring and flirt her way to victory,” the Tumblr post concludes, “and that means she has big, muscular thighs, and when they absorb the impact of a superhero landing, they jiggle, and.that’s.WONDERFUL.”

We, along with the nearly 80,000 people who reblogged the post,  are inclined to agree.

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