Lady Gaga & Starbucks Collaborated And Created Instagram Worthy Summer Drinks

This is the summer of Lady Gaga. Not only did the Fame Monster replace Beyoncé at Coachella and drop the perfect summer jam while performing, but now Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation has teamed up with Starbucks to create four new colorful summer drinks that will soon be all over Instagram. Two of the four drinks are brand new, while the other two were secret menu items that are now getting their chance to shine. The new drinks are Matcha Lemonade and Violet Drink, while the two not so secret menu drinks are Pink Drink and Ombré Pink Drink. Matcha Lemonade and Violet Drink are both dairy free and all four drinks grande size are under 150 calories, so that summer bod you worked so hard for isn’t going anywhere.

The refreshing iced drinks will be ready to order and Instagram on June 13, but they are only available for a week. The four beverages are part of Starbucks Cups of Kindness and with the support of the Born This Way Foundation will be promoting kindness. Starbucks will donate 25 cents of each drink sold to the Born This Way Foundation. According to its website, The Born This Way Foundation is committed to helping youths become empowered and brave.

Lady Gaga’s favorite of the four drinks is Matcha Lemonade, she “instantly fell in love with [it].” Check out the four new summer beverages below:

Matcha Lemonade

Matcha Lemonade Lady Gaga

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

This icy green drink is a combination of finely ground matcha and lemonade that is shaken up to deliver the perfect blend of sweet and delicious.

Violet Drink

Violet Drink Lady Gaga and Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher is combined with coconut milk to create a vibrant violet color that is almost too pretty drink.

Pink Drink

Similar to the Violet Drink, the Pink Drink is Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher mixed with coconut milk to give customers a tasty millennial pink drink. Grab a pack of pink only Starbursts to eat with the Pink Drink for the ultimate pink meal.

Ombré Pink Drink

This multi-color beverage combines Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher and coconut milk and a splash of Iced Passion Tango Tea, served with a lime wedge this drink has Instagram worthy all over it.

Grab, sip and Instagram these drinks before it’s too late!

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