Hot Costco Cashier Is 2017’s Latest Internet Sensation

Alex from Target got an upgrade and his name is Irvin Villatoro.

Villatoro works at a Costco in Chihuahua, Mexico. The 21-year-old cashier has been gaining quite a female fanbase. Villatoro shared pictures of himself at work on his Facebook page, including a pic of him in a skin tight grey polo. Since then the post has gained 3,600 likes and over 7,500 shares. The comment section is filled with girls posting heart eyes and the kissy face emoji.

When Villatoro isn’t checking people out at Costco, he’s modeling or uploading workout videos to his YouTube channel. The latest video on his channel is two days old and features him doing an impressive outdoor workout. The Costco cashier is shown doing pull-ups, handstands, clapping push-ups and backflips. No wonder he’s super ripped and his gray polo doesn’t fit. We’re not complaining.

Villatoro’s Facebook page has an impressive 21,600 some likes while his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts are trailing behind at 1,400 followers, 17,600 followers and 320 subscribers respectively. The internet seems to never get enough of hot cashiers, so Villatoro better cash in on this fame before the next guy takes his spotlight.

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