Missouri’s Governor Wants Potential Employees To Be Judged Based On Reproductive Choices

There’s currently an ordinance in St. Louis that prevents employers or landlords from discriminating against females who take birth control or have had abortions. On June 12, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens held a meeting to get rid of the law. This is among several new troubling developments in the Trump era of women’s rights.

Republican state Representative Mike Moon is working towards outlawing abortion in Missouri. In a graphic video, he posted a clip on Facebook of him nonchalantly breaking a chicken’s neck and ripping its heart out to show the supposed parallelism with abortion. He then took to Twitter, naturally, as one does to back up their political views nowadays.

Greitens and Mike Huckabee recently held an anti-abortion rally to raise public awareness. Clashing ideals resulted in a lawsuit from a pregnancy resource center Our Lady’s Inn against the city over the pro-choice ordinance. A claim stated that the city is “trying to make it illegal for an organization like Our Lady’s Inn, or another pro-life organization, to just say they want to hire pro-life workers.” Now that the law might be reverted, it appears that we’re moving backwards.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, employer discrimination based on reproductive choices is quite common throughout the nation. Employees have been fired for many reasons, including everything from using IVF to having sex outside of marriage. At the moment, the only places protecting females from discrimination are Delaware, Washington D.C., and Boston. There’s no federal law, but with Trump’s changes to and beliefs on healthcare, women will have less freedom with their bodies. Women used to be able to consider what was best for them, but in the near future, may only be able to think about their only legal options.

In a job market where one has to fight for every opportunity, requiring one to add their reproductive choices to their resume is invasive and shouldn’t be in the realm of legality. Employers pride themselves on not discriminating against potential employees based on race, gender, sexuality, religion and reproductive choices should be included on the list.

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