New Instagram Feature Makes Influencers Label Sponsored Posts–/

Instagram posts may start to look a little different very soon.

The tech company launched a new feature that is only available for select users. The update will allow celebrities and influencers to easily disclose which of their posts are paid and/or sponsored.

The Federal Trade Commission, FTC has been cracking down on paid social media posts and is implementing stricter guidelines on how celebrities and influencers should be disclosing their advertisements. Celebrities are required to tag their posts with #ad or #sponsored and the tag must be in the beginning of the caption so it is visible right away, as opposed to being placed in the “read more” part of the caption.

Khloé Kardashian, who is currently under fire for allegedly stealing clothing designs, has actually been following FTC disclosure guidelines recently, with an example being the photo below.

The new Instagram feature will let celebrities and influencers alike have to option to put “paid partnership with…” where the location typically goes, placing it right underneath the person’s Instagram handle. The new feature is also accessible on Instagram stories, so even those will be marked as advertisements. This feature will also be accessible to companies like Buzzfeed and celebs like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and many more.

Mediakix issued a report recently and found that 93% of sponsored content on Instagram isn’t disclosed properly and not up to FTC standards. On average, a celebrity will post an estimated 58 sponsored posts and only three are typically properly disclosed as advertisements.

The FTC hasn’t included the new Instagram update in their sponsored posts guidelines, but if they do update the standards it’ll make it way easier for celebrities to disclose their sponsored Instagram posts.

Keep an eye for out #ad, because it’ll be taking up your feed sometime very soon.

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