The Stellium May Change How You Think Of Your Star Sign

I’ll admit, I’m pretty big on astrology. I keep close tabs on Mercury to see when it will go into retrograde and I check my horoscope daily. One thing I’ve heard multiple times from many different people is “I don’t believe in that astrology stuff. I’m [Insert zodiac sign here], but I’m nothing like they’re interpreted to be.” I’ve never been able to relate, since I’m basically the poster child for my sign (yeah, Aquarius!). I always wrote off any divergences from the Aquarian “norm” as the influence of the other signs in my chart and the fact that humans are all different and we should always take things like astrology with a grain of salt.

Let me backtrack for a hot second. Yes, you read that right. You have a starting point for every planet, the moon, a few asteroids, some sections of space, and other heavenly bodies. This is what we’d refer to as your natal chart, and it can be pretty mind-blowing to read. There are plenty of sites that will calculate your chart for free and give you a surprisingly in-depth overview. It’s pretty interesting and I highly recommend it.

Knowing your chart will help you find out if you have a stellium or not. This is where things get interesting. If you’re one of those people who writes off astrology because you don’t fit the nature of your main sign (also known as your sun sign) then hold onto your hat. When a person has the same sign appear three times in three different planets or houses, it creates what is known as a stellium. This means the individual carries the energy of this sign the most, even more than their sun sign, and it is possible to have more than one. I happen to have three, which explains a lot.

So as an example, a Pisces with a Scorpio stellium will have more traits of a Scorpio than their sun sign, Pisces. Crazy, right?

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