Want To Nanny In A Haunted Scottish Mansion?

So, it’s officially mid-June. If you still don’t have a summer job, it might be time to think outside the box. How about a nannying job at a haunted house in Scotland?

A family of four is looking for a live-in nanny and housekeeper. The pay is pretty good ($550,000 annually), but there is one catch: you have to be cool with hanging out with some ghosts and battling some paranormal activity.

The job duties include “preparing breakfast, getting the children ready for school, dropping off and picking up from school and assisting after school, including helping with homework and getting them ready for bed” according to the ad.

The parents are also out of town four nights a week, so the nanny would be managing the property alone sometimes.

After giving the initial information, the ad goes on to say that when they bought the house 10 years ago they were told it was haunted but they’ve never had a bad experience.

Since then they family has had five nannies, all of whom have quit because of “strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving.”


The family says they themselves have never experienced this sort of haunting but are worried about the stress that it is bringing to their children, who have to deal with a new nanny every few months.

The Telegraph interviewed Richard Conway, the CEO of Childcare.co.uk on which the ad was published, and he said that at first he was shocked by the ad, but in time he came to terms with it. “Some of the guys at HQ were skeptical, but after talking to the family and their previous employees, we realized it was a genuine position. We have hundreds of thousands of providers on the site and we’re hoping that one of them will be able to help them.”

Conway also added that they spoke with the family, who assured them that no one has ever been harmed in the house, they just need a nanny “who has a stronger disposition.”

The family is so desperate for help that they are willing to pay above the original asking price if it means that they will be able to have some steady help.

If you are looking for something cool to tell your friends when you get back to school this might be the perfect job for you. If you couldn’t sit through Stranger Things without needing a night light, you may want to skip this one.

Good luck!

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