Who Is Cuca, Twitter’s New Favorite Meme?

It’s safe the say that the internet already has no chill and if anything is worth turning into a meme, it’ll become a meme. Twitter’s new obsession is Brazilian alligator Cuca. Cuca is a big green alligator from Brazilian kid TV show called Sitio do Picapau Amerelo. The show has been off the air since 2006 but thanks to Twitter Cuca has found new fame.

Cuca is a villainous alligator witch that wears a blonde wig and always speaks her mind. I have no idea how this meme originated or who found Cuca, but the meme’s are so good. The Internet is a weird and beautiful place, but Cuca was made to become an Internet sensation. I never thought an alligator witch could be relatable but here I am loving all the Cuca tweets. Babadook’s time is up, Cuca is here to stay!




Let’s hope Cuca memes last for a long time, because she is a queen!

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