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5 Fun Ways To Spend Father’s Day With The Family


What to do for Father’s Day? That seems to be the question on everybody’s minds, especially with the holiday coming up fast. With so many options out there, it may be hard to pick. Sure, you can always go out for lunch, but why not add a little adventure into the mix? It’s dad’s big day and it should definitely be special. Still not sure what to do? Fear not, we’ve compiled a list of five great activities to bring your Father’s Day to the next level.

1. Catch a baseball game.

double date ideas Baseball Game


It is baseball season you know. Why not take advantage of this fact and take your dad to go see his favorite team? It’ll be a great bonding experience, and you may even get lucky enough to catch a fly ball. Can you say memento?

2. Go fishing.



The weather is finally starting to get nice, why not take advantage of it? Lakes, beaches, rivers and boats are all perfect spots to spend a lovely day out in the sun.

3. Hit up a brewery.

beer brewery bar


Who doesn’t love beer? Breweries are fun, social places where dad can sample some local brews and have a great time with the family. Grab a pint and take a tour, it’ll definitely be a good time!

4. Throw a BBQ.



Barbecues are fun, relaxing and cheap. Basically everything good in the world. Plus, the food is delicious. You can take this two ways; if your dad genuinely loves cooking then let him do his thing. However, if he’d rather sit back and relax, well, it’s time for you to finally show off your wicked grill skills. You got this!

5. Get extreme.



Go-karting anyone? How about paintball? While a lot of people prefer relaxing on Father’s Day, there are always those adventurous dads who want to get a little crazy. Why not indulge in the shenanigans and find some extreme attractions in your area?