This Dad’s Graduation Video For His Daughter Will Make You Ugly Cry

Kevin Scruggs via EliteDaily

Graduation season is coming to a close, and though it’s almost over, it’s still a very emotional time for both graduates and their families. Parents always seem to take graduation to a whole new level, usually shaking their heads and getting teary-eyed with pure joy and pride.

Not only do parents get a little bit misty with excitement, they also can be surprisingly creative. It only takes a grad party for a mom’s inner Pinterest expert or a dad’s closeted event planning powers to come to light. In this particular case, one Seattle dad surprised his young daughter with an adorable and emotional compilation video, all in honor of her big day.

Grab the tissues.


Kevin Scruggs has been interviewing his daughter and recording her on each of her first days of school since first grade. His daughter Mackenzie is officially a graduate, so Kevin decided to give her the recordings, all fused into one work, as a gift for her hard work.

Watching Mackenzie go from a little six-year-old to an adult is emotional… even if you don’t know her. It’s a representation of her parents’ hard work and her own abilities, rewarding her efforts in her journey throughout school. Basically, it’s a visual representation of each parent’s experience. They grow up so fast!

Check out Kevin’s heartwarming video, but just know that you’ll probably be even more emotional than a mom at commencement.

Kevin talked to Elite Daily about Mackenzie’s growth.

“I knew there was going to come a day when they [his daughters] were going to grow up and move out, and go onto greater things in life,” Scruggs said. “So, I just wanted to do this thing to memorialize them, their lives, and capture this first day of school.”

This idea is really creative, so he hit the nail on the head.

“I knew when they graduated it would be fun for us to look back and kind of watch them grow up,” he said. It’s fun for all of us, Kevin.

Luckily, the tradition will continue in another few years. Be on the lookout for Kevin’s next video, which will be for Mackenzie’s little sis.

In the meantime, tell your loved ones that you’re proud of them. If you can’t quite find the words, a video might just be what you need. Get creative and don’t be afraid to get a little emotional as well.

Congrats Mackenzie and Kevin!

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