7 Lyrics From SZA’s ‘CTRL’ That Are Perfect For An Instagram Caption

It has been a long wait for SZA fans. Her debut album finally dropped June 9 and to say it was totally worth that wait is an understatement. CTRL is filled with empowering messages, relatable emotions, moody interludes and innovatively dreamy outros and sentiments. It sounds part personal diary, part mixtape and part clever caption, all wrapped into one genius work.

CTRL‘s lyrics and SZA’s skillful writing take album to a new level. It’s deeply personal in its talk of relationships, including breakups and hookups, and feels like anyone’s replay of where things went wrong. Its sentiment is that men and exes are bad, but moving on is hard to do and takes time. In this space of transition (fueled by parties, emotions and occasional rendezvous), it’s clever, heartbreaking and even LOL-worthy at times.

Check out some of the best lyrics from the album, each able to be taken as their own thought-provoking puzzle pieces, fitting together to create a hard-earned masterpiece.

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